Open Letter to the entire Tapping Community, FasterEFT and EFT Friends



I am addressing this open letter to the entire tapping community, FasterEFT and EFT friends and family alike.

I appreciate all the feedback I’ve been getting, and I also greatly value all the support I’ve witnessed as well. To see how truly blessedI am to have so very many people who care for me and what I represent, and who see the genuineness from which I stand.

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has given me backing, and also to those who have addressed their concerns. I’d like to believe that ultimately, we are all striving towards the same goal of lifting each other up and walking each other home to a better, truer, and happier way of living.

That being said, there have been many accusations thrown my way regarding my lack of discretion with how and what I teach my students, the inappropriate means by which my practitioners address their clients’ issues,and my ill guided motives for doing the work that I do.

To all of the above, I say no. The stories being told of my methods have been so unfortunately exaggerated and to which I choose to not insult, belittle, or degrade myself, my practitioners, and our clients by becoming a part of. Rest assured, the proper steps are being taken to ensure these false accusations cease once and for all, through more decent and formal avenues.

Both EFT and FasterEFT have changed and upgraded over the years and will continue to do so, as they should. As we grow as individuals, weare better able to improve upon the methods we know in order to more effectively help others. This is true for both modalities. For FasterEFT, a few examples of such improvements are reflected through the continuous evolution of the training levels and seminars, and the formation of codes of ethics and conduct, which, since 2014, have been and still are actively being worked on.

It’s an honor and privilege to belong to a movement of like-minded individuals brave enough to face their demons. To be a part of a community that refuses to accept anything less than the truest joy. The upheaval of recent events is a perfect reminder and opportunity for us all to realign with why we got into this work in the first place, which is to first help ourselves and perhaps assist another bring the light back into their eyes. For it’s only when we help ourselves that we are able to bless the world at large.

My wish going forward is for us all to stand united in the remembrance that, we together, are a leading example for the world in how surely possible it is to heal.

Much love and many blessings.




Robert. G. Smith–smith-and-deirdre-maguire-8th-september-2014