FasterEFT Practitioner Training Seminar

FasterEFT Practitioner


FasterEFT Practitioner Training Seminar

Robert Smith

We’re less than ten days out from the Level I Training Seminar in Oklahoma City and I’m getting VERY excited.

This being the first seminar of the year, I am also unveiling a Brand New Curriculum and Revamped Training Materials.

Level I is all about laying the foundation for your work as a Future FasterEFT Practitioner … Personal Transformation.

Not only is this Training key for the people on the practitioner’s journey, it is also helpful to those of you wishing to get the benefits of FasterEFT for your own personal growth.

I’m a firm believer that transformation starts at home – right inside of you.

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Heather McKean

When you work on yourself, you are clearing the slate, leaving space to truly help those who will one day become your clients.

When you haven’t made peace with your past, you may find it difficult to be as effective a FasterEFT Practitioner as you would like to be.

It is for this reason that the focus of Level I is now personal transformation.

It’s all about you!

By participating fully in this seminar, you will walk away feeling a renewed sense of peace. And again, even if you are not interested in becoming a FasterEFT Practitioner, this training will fill your tool box up with a variety of skills you can use in your own life to experience peace and personal empowerment.

Tiffany Jeffers

Tiffany and Heather are two great examples of the profound changes you can make in your life using FasterEFT.

Both ladies were very ill before coming to their first seminars, and had tried many different relief Therapies. They wanted to feel better and were willing to go where they needed, within themselves, to make peace with their past to improve their lives.

They each experienced such amazing results using FasterEFT that they both continued on the training path to become successful FasterEFT Practitioners!

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In either case – FasterEFT Practitioner Training or personal growth – Level I is bound to be life changing for you.

Watch as Tiffany and Heather share their stories.

Both are very inspiring. My goal in sharing these videos with you is to show you what is possible.

If you’re interested in coming to the Level I training, The first is, of course, Oklahoma City starting on February 20th and going through February 26th.

And as a special treat, both Heather and Tiffany will be there!!!

I can’t wait to see these two amazing ladies again. And I hope you’ll get the chance to meet them as well. Register here to come to Oklahoma City!

The early bird special for Oklahoma City has been extended through February 13th, and it is still in effect for Malaga, Spain, and Tweed Heads, Australia.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Stephanie in the office at [email protected]. She’s great and will take care of you or know who can! I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

Peace Robert.

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If you are one of those whose life is full, busy and have responsibilities to where it would be difficult to spend seven days training, then the Faster EFT Ultimate Home Study Course is perfect for you.

Of course, there are many perks at doing it at home.

Many people started with the videos and want to FasterEFT Practitionerknow more … this is your next step. I highly recommend starting where you can, and of course many of you have been watching the YouTube videos but they are not a complete training.

Yes, I know it’s a bit disorganized because I just uploaded the videos over the years to share with you so you can help yourself. It is the largest free resource that is generously given. After you start the course things will clear up even more and they can be a bit addictive because it makes sense.

Everything will clear up and clarity will give you that next boost you need. About 92% of the material is not on YouTube; therefore, you will go deeper in understanding.

This FasterEFT Practitioner Course will help you start thinking in the right direction on how to make the changes for yourself, your family and clients. Since Faster EFT is a growing process, it is always giving you the cutting edge in personal transformation and tools to make the changes you are wanting. After you get the thinking system down then the next step will be live training.

With FasterEFT we have a support system that will aid you in your education and personal transformation with our support groups and trading sessions with other practitioners all for free. It is a part of our thinking system to help each other. We are making a difference in the world because it starts with ourselves. So, welcome to the Faster EFT Family of Friends.

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FasterEFT Practitioner Ultimate Home Study Course Highlights

  1. Train at your own pace
  2. Re-watch as many times as you need to get the understanding and knowledge.
  3. No traveling, no hotel stay and no big expenses.
  4. Achieve Level IV Certification in FasterEFT.
  5. Free access to FasterEFT Facebook pages where you can ask questions and get answers.
  6. Free swap sessions with other practitioners.
  7. Confidence in your ability to address all kinds of issues because this course covers everything from weight loss, grief and loss, relationships, pain, finances, depression, learning and so much more.
  8. A vast library of FasterEFT knowledge at your fingertips.
  9. You will have others like you who have already been where you are now and have overcome challenges and can give you advice on what to do next.
  10. The video and sound quality is great, clean and clear.
  11. All the training manuals and books you will need.
  12. FasterEFT has tools that are powerful, effective and simple.
  13. FasterEFT will put you on the right path to start your journey of a lifetime. Welcome!
  14. There is one Data DVD not sold outside of the UTK that contains MP3’s (months of listening on weight loss, pain, grief and loss etc. ) that you can listen on your portable device. It allows you the pleasure to listen and learn more on FasterEFT in your daily commute, on that Sunday road trip, on vacation or in your exercise routine.
  15. Although there are 94 DVDs, 2 Audio CDs and one Data DVD with MP3’s there are only a hand full you need to watch for training but all the others are for your entertainment and education in the event you need help. A great gift for you.
  16. It’s cheaper than attending a single Certification Training and yet you get four levels at a low price. I hear BARGAIN. By the way, I am a bargain shopper.

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Meet Matthew Corcoran who started with Gary’s Gold Standard EFT, AAMET EFT Trainings and studied over a year then stumbled upon FasterEFT Practitioner Trainings. He has good advice for you.

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The Ultimate Training Course gives you the complete understanding of why we have problems and how to make the changes in 1/5 the time of EFT. It’s also a more complete process which ends the dreaded psychological reversal problem. You will refer to these DVDs time and time again as you improve your skills.

FasterEFT Practitioner