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Faster EFT

About the author:
Kim Ryder is an Mind/Bodywork Integrator, Faster EFT Master Practitioner, Integral Hatha yoga teacher,



Holistic medical massage therapist, and co-owner of Total Integrated Therapy. Kim is dedicated to helping people to release limiting beliefs that are holding them back from more success, love and fulfillment!

Her unique style helps clients to learn how to relax, be more happy, confident and empowered. She enjoys teaching and sharing her extensive background and knowledge with people around the world because good health and healing is her life’s purpose.
I Can Change The Way I Feel Tap away your troubles
Authored by Kim Ryder Edition: 2

I Can Change The Way I Feel” Tap away your troubles.

It is a step-by-step guild that demonstrates the beneficial processes of Faster EFT tapping, so that children can use it to overcome any problem or difficulty they may be experiencing.

Tapping is fast and effective and can help with all sorts of issues from stress, bad dreams, worries about school, illness, fears, anxiety and other childhood trauma’s. Children now have a tool they can use for themselves.

I Can Change The Way I Feel is my response to the frequent question parents often ask me which is, how do I introduce tapping to my kids?
This simple approach will give anyone using this tool a way to feel better anytime day or night.




Faster EFT

Faster EFT