Faster EFT addiction Team

Faster EFT Addiction Team

Faster EFT addiction Team

Faster EFT addiction Team Doing a Great Job at Habilitat.

“You know it is sometimes hard holding back the tears seeing and hearing how the residents here in  Habilitat have changed. They come in sweating, shaking and some even tear up thinking, acting out, and seeing the drugs.

Telling the stories of why they started using and after the session, they shake their heads saying how everything has changed, memories, and the reaction to the drugs. So many of the residents come and tell us how everything changed and improved after graduation when they are out there in the real world.

We have worked nearly 400 hours of sessions with more than 3/4 of the residents with my great team of FasterEFTers.” (Faster EFT’s Addiction Team)

Robert G. Smith.

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Rene Zorllia shares his experience with Faster EFT’s addiction team

Faster EFT addiction TeamHabititat residents

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Habititat Residents





Robert Smith of Faster EFT Addiction Protocol at Habilitat Hawaii

Published on Feb 6, 2013.


Faster EFT Addiction Team Doing a Great Job at Habilitat.

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If You would Like to Volunteer as a Qualified Practitioner and Become part of the Faster EFT’s Addiction Team. Follow the Link Below.

Habilitat Healing Marathons.

Practitioners must be Level III or higher to be invited.

Each Practitioner is required to write no less than 250 words detailing why they want to make the trip, what they have to offer and why they should be chosen.

Work at Habilitat is entirely voluntary. Accommodations and food while there is free. We also pay our own flights to the facility in Hawaii. Habilitat will always do their best to pick you up from the airport to bring you to the facility.

The duration of the marathon is 10 days.
You may come a few days before to acclimate and you are welcome to stay a couple of days after. Any other arrangements you make to holiday are entirely yours.

Rules at Habilitat are rigorous. It is expected that you enter the ethos of Habilitat and comply with them while there.

Practitioner’s must read Journey From Hell by Vinny Marino. It can be found on this page:

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Faster EFT addiction Team