Confusion between EFT and Faster EFT


There has been some confusion with some people in my groups, between EFT and Faster EFT.

Faster EFT – I’ve been watching the videos on YouTube (have watched 400+ of them so far) and have had a two hour session with the fabulous Carol Langdon which was excellent.

I’ve also been tapping on myself a lot! And have been sharing it with my coaching clients and those who attend my Superpower sessions, recommending the HealingMagic YouTube channel. I plan to do the training as soon as there is another Level One available here.
Having shared it with those I know, there has been some confusion with some people in my groups, between EFT and FEFT (which I know happens a lot). I have written the following to clarify the main differences for those people, from what I’ve understood from Robert’s videos so far. I thought I’d post it here for two reasons:
1. In case I have anything wrong; in which case, it would be great to get the feedback. (I thought I’d check with you guys before I post it publicly and 2. In case it’s useful for anyone else to use.

The main differences between regular EFT and Faster EFT are: With regular EFT, it is believed that your problems are caused by blockages in your energy system; and the tapping (which is more complicated than the tapping in Faster EFT) is used to clear those energy blocks.


With Faster EFT, it is believed that your problems are the result of the subconscious working efficiently with the information it holds.
Robert G. Smith (the creator of Faster EFT) explains that from birth, our subconscious interpretation of each experience is filed as a record. Then, for all future experiences, the subconscious consults those records, and prompts us to respond accordingly by signalling our major organs to release the corresponding chemicals. This causes our emotions – which cause our responses, reactions and actions.
In Faster EFT, the tapping (which is done only on the meridians of the major organs responsible for those chemicals) is used (along with the “in and out” technique between the emotional state of the problem and the feel-good emotional state of a peaceful memory) to disrupt the signal between the brain and the organs that produce those chemicals – which changes the emotional attachment to that issue/memory or situation.
 EFT and Faster EFT
Another key difference between these two modalities is the fact that Faster EFT makes permanent changes to the memories themselves, which means the records held by the subconscious are changed – which in turn means that whenever you experience that situation or issue again, when the subconscious refers to the records it holds in order to signal your body and conscious mind how to respond or react, those records are different. This means you then react and respond differently, accordingly.
There are other differences between regular EFT and Faster EFT  but those are the key differences that make them two very different modalities, with the only “cross-over” being that they both use tapping (and the tapping is different too).” –
Odille Rault (

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